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Anonymous asked:

Any advice for first time shaving facial hair, etc? What razors are easy to use, how to not cut yourself, things like that.


Zak: Ah shaving. Something that starts out bringing a mixture of excitement and anxiety to one’s daily routine that ends up just becoming an annoying chore. Don’t worry, though, it looks a lot scarier than it actually is (holding an actual razor to your actual neck?!). First off, I’d recommend watching youtube videos on how to shave (like this one) and/or grabbing a friend who shaves their face (or used to) to show you how. Adrian taught me how to shave and it was a super cute bonding moment that we took a ton of pictures of because that’s just how we are: 

So, grab a friend or family member who is willing to show you if you can because it can be a really cool experience. If not, though, a YouTube video is probably good enough to teach you how to do it. 

Once someone shows you once, though, you should probably be good. It’s a lot like shaving any other part of your body. Rinse the area you’re going to shave with warm water, apply shaving cream, and then go over that area with the razor (I’d recommend shaving with the grain instead of against the grain, at least when you’re just starting out). If you’re too nervous about cutting yourself, you could start out with an electric razor. I have absolutely no reason to be brand-loyal in the shaving equipment department, but I really love my Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor (non-electric razor). People joke about the ridiculousness of a razor having 5 blades, but I find that the ProGlide has a lot less drag than other razors I’ve tried. What razor you choose though pretty much depends on your price range, what jumps out at you, etc. I feel the same way about shaving cream or gel. Whatever appeals to you, although I’d recommend starting out with something specifically for sensitive skin because your skin is probably sensitive (and if it isn’t, well, better safe than sorry). I use Edge because that’s what I started out with and I’m too cheap and lazy to try something else that I might not like. I also recommend using aftershave to moisturize your face. I’ve used a few different brands and in my experience all the ones I’ve tried have been equally good. 

I don’t really have any other tips, but there are a ton out there online if you look up “first time shaving” and stuff like that. Good luck!